CTM CNC Ghost Ring For VFC Glock Type A

CTM CNC Ghost Ring For VFC Glock Type A

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    • Material : CNC Aluminum 6061
      Weight : 20 g

      Fits :
      VFC Glock

      Package Contents:
      ⠂CNC Rear sight *1
      ⠂CNC sight *1
      ⠂Special screw *1
      ⠂L-shaped Hex Wrench *1
      ⠂1.5mm*30mm optical fiber stick Green*1
      ⠂2mm*30mm optical fiber stick Red *1


      The CTMTAC Ghost Ring is an easy-to-install sight that provides an exceptional aiming experience. Its unique design offers a clear aiming picture, with two optic fibers in the rear sight and one in the front sight. This allows for quicker target acquisition, especially in indoor and close-range combat situations. Your eyes can align the dots spontaneously and naturally. As long as your target stays within the aperture, you are very likely to land your shot on it.
      The entire CTM Ghost Ring set is precision CNC machined, ensuring accurate dimensions for easy installation on your Glock. With two types of rear sight designs, users can choose the one that suits their preference for improved shooting performance.  

      - Enables faster alignment and target acquisition
      - Improves shooter accuracy
      - Compatible with TM/WE and UMAREX/VFC Glocks
      - Choose from two different types

      Note: This product has two versions: one compatible with Tokyo Marui and WE Glocks, and the other compatible with UMAREX/VFC Glocks. Please double-check before placing your order.