Airsoft Info

Field Address
2711 Thorold Townline road
Airsoft Walk-ons
Saturday - Sundays 
12pm to 4pm,
starts at 11am
Year Round
Mondays 5 to 9pm
Will Start back up May 2024

Please call the store during our open hours at  905-988-9000 or message us on Facebook with your full name and the day you would like to play.

Rental Pricing - Field Entry

$50 per person for Airsoft Gun Rental Includes:
  • Fully automatic Airsoft gun
  • Full Seal Goggles
  • 1000 Bio BB's
  • Insurance coverage and referee supervision
  • Fun, safe and organized Airsoft games
  • Rentals are first come, first served
  • best to call ahead and reserve one 

Gun Owner Pricing - Field Entry

$25 fee includes:
  • Unlimited HPA Refills 
  • ​Field Entry
  • Insurance coverage and referee supervision
  • Fee does not include any BB's. Bio BB's available for purchase at the field.
  • Gun owners will need all essential safety equipment and will have to adjust their guns to our safe field speed.
  • Full sealed goggles a MUST
  • BBs and other consumables sold at field
  • Call store if there is anything else you may need us to bring you 
All players MUST be 12+ to play Airsoft!


DMZ offers private booking packages which appeals to a large audience. Private bookings are an excellent option for:
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Workplace & Corporate Events
  • Charity Events
The private package we offer includes 3 hours of play time with a private referee to accommodate your group! 

There is a 10 player minimum for booking private parties. Price of $500 includes rental equipment for 10 players (Airsoft gun + goggles) & 1000 bio BB's for each player. Each additional player will be $50 (includes rental equipment and 1000 bio BB's each).

For Bookings or more info , please email 

Please note, all players MUST be 12+ to enter the field!

DMZ Game Cancellation Policy
Game cancellation must be performed at a minimum of 24 hours notice before a designated game start. Either a phone message or speaking to a representative of DMZ will suffice for cancellation. Those who do not supply 24 hours notice to cancel will be subjected to a cancellation fee to the credit card on file with their booking. The cancellation fee will be *half* the total value for the number of players booked. For example, a game booked in for 10 players totaling a $450 value will be subject to a $225 charge for a cancellation fee. In this case, cancellation fees are proportional to the player count in a booking with larger bookings incurring larger cancellation fees.  When an individual/group schedules a booking with us they are informed of this policy & consent. 

All prices listed above include HST tax. Prices are subject to change without notice.

DMZ Airsoft is restricted to players 12 years old and up. Players between the ages of 12 to 18 will require a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before being allowed to play airsoft. Please download and print your waivers in advance, located at the top of the page.