Paintball Info


Field Address
2711 Thorold Townline road
Paintball Walk-ons

Sundays - 12pm to 4pm, Sign-in starts at 11am

Rental Pricing - Field Entry

$50 per person for Paintball Gun Rental Includes:
  • Semi auto paintball gun
  • Paintball mask and safety goggle
  • 200 premium paintballs
  • Unlimited HPA
  • Insurance coverage and referee supervision
  • Fun, safe and organized paintball games

Gun Owner Pricing - Field Entry for Walkons Sunday 12 to 4pm

$10 fee includes:
  • Unlimited HPA fills
  • Insurance coverage and referee supervision
  • Does not include any paintballs with fee, paintballs to be purchased from field
  • Paintball gun owners will need all essential safety equipment and will have their guns chronographed/adjusted to field FPS limits.
All players MUST be 10+ to play paintball!

​Renter Pricing - Paintballs

$10 for 100 paintballs
$45 for 500 paintballs
$140 for 2000 paintballs

​Gun Owner Pricing - Paintballs

Walk-ons only

$25 for 500 Paintballs
$90 for 2000 Paintballs


DMZ offers private booking packages which appeals to a large audience. Private bookings are an excellent option for:
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Workplace & Corporate Events
  • Charity Events
The private package we offer includes 3 hours of play time with a private referee to accommodate your group, as well as unlimited HPA for paintball markers.

There is a 10 player minimum for booking private parties. Price of $500 includes rental equipment for 10 players (paintball gun + mask) & 2000 paintballs. Each additional player extra over the 10  will be $50 (includes rental equipment and 200 paintballs each). 
You can purchase additional paint at the field as well. 
Better option most choose is $65 pre player
 (includes rental equipment and 500  paintballs each)can decide at field day of booking.should last most players the 3 hours of play time
can decide at field day of booking.

For Bookings or more info , please email​ 

Please note, all players MUST be 10+ to enter the field!

DMZ Game Cancellation Policy
Game cancellation must be performed at a minimum of 24 hours notice before a designated game start. Either a phone message or speaking to a representative of DMZ will suffice for cancellation. Those who do not supply 24 hours notice to cancel will be subjected to a cancellation fee to the credit card on file with their booking. The cancellation fee will be *half* the total value for the number of players booked. For example, a game booked in for 10 players totaling a $500 value will be subject to a $100 charge for a cancellation fee. In this case, cancellation fees are proportional to the player count in a booking with larger bookings incurring larger cancellation fees.  When an individual/group schedules a booking with us they are informed of this policy & consent. 

All prices listed above include HST tax. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices listed above include HST tax - prices are subject to change without notice.

DMZ Paintball is restricted to players 10 years old and up. Players between the ages of 10 to 18 will require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian before being allowed to play paintball. Please download and print your waivers in advance, located at the top of the page.