6mmProShop Precision Pre-Cut R-HOP Patch for Airsoft Inner Barrels (Model: Krytac 6.03)

6mmProShop Precision Pre-Cut R-HOP Patch for Airsoft Inner Barrels (Model: Krytac 6.03)

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  • Precision pre-cut patches are ready to use, simply drop into the barrel window and glue in place!
  • Factory trimmed to exact specifications to meet each available inner barrel application
  • Made from high quality 70D silicone rubber
  • Silicone rubber does not expand or contract in extreme temperatures and gives much more consistent results than other materials
  • Saves time and frustration versus traditional hand-cut R-HOP patches

Tuning your Airsoft inner barrel has been made much easier with the new 6mmProShop Precision Pre-Cut R-HOP Patches. These precisely cut patches are made from high quality 70D silicone rubber, and are trimmed to exact specifications for the available inner barrel models. Simply drop the patch into the hopup window, secure with some glue and you're ready to go!

R-HOP patches have become a mainstay in Airsoft precision tuning and provide better contact with the BB, giving more backspin and a longer effective range. The 6mmProShop precision cut R-HOP patches provide a more consistent hop effect, keeping your BBs on target with less deviation than traditional hopup bucking and nub designs and less work than a hand-trimmed patches.

Manufacturer: 6mmProShop


Compatibility: For use with Krytac 6.03mm AEG inner barrels
Material: Silicone rubber

Note: "Flat" style hopup buckings and nubs are required when using an R-HOP patch. The hardness and style of the bucking and nub required will vary depending on your Airsoft gun's velocity and hopup design. This patch needs to be affixed in the Barrel window. if it is simply placed in the barrel window, it may not perform optimally, shift position, or fall out of the window completely. Professional installation is recommended.