Amped Grip Line Standard Weave | AGL | HPA Grip Line  - BLACK

Amped Grip Line Standard Weave | AGL | HPA Grip Line - BLACK

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BLACK   in stock as of now 

please message for details on ordering any other colour 


The Amped Grip Line (AGL) is an upgraded large bore grip line that attaches to the existing 6mm macro line in the pistol grip. The AGL uses a 6mm slip fitting that allows for a quick and easy installation process. It is also enclosed in durable nylon sheathing that maintains its flexibility while protecting it from damage during gameplay.

The Amped Grip Line is available in a wide variety of custom colorways for you to choose from. Also, the AGL has the option for you to add custom text for you to put your nickname, call sign, or whatever you want onto your line!

Our AGL comes ready to install onto 6mm macro line/tubing. It replaces the traditional fittings and line where it exits your grip. It is more flexible than the macro line and fittings it is replacing to eliminate crimping and allows for more maneuverability.

As always, each unit is hand-made and tested in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Additional Information:

  • Carries a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Each line is quality control tested after being assembled.
  • Available in many different colorways to make your lines unique to YOU!
  • Durable nylon sheathing adds color to your line and protects it from damage without compromising its flexibility.
  • Custom text available to add your name, call sign, or anything you want!
  • Utilizes industry standard FOSTERS fittings.
Compatible with the following brands:
  • Polarstar Airsoft
  • Protech Airsoft
  • Redline Airsoft
  • Wolverine Airsoft
  • Other 6mm macro line based units
Installation Tips:
  • To install this product properly, you must cut your existing macro line closer to your HPA Engine.
  • Make sure to leave at least 1 inch of Macro line in your grip so that the AGL has enough clearance to properly grip the macro line. 
  • NEVER pull on the AGL till it comes off, this will cause the AGL to cut your macro line and destroy your AGL fitting.  Always remove the slip fitting properly by depressing the ring around the top of the fitting before removing it from your macro line.
  • We suggest a 1/2 inch drill bit to enlarge the hole in the grip plate or remove the grip plate entirely for proper fitment of the AGL.
  • The included washer is meant to be placed on the macro line before installing the AGL in order to assist future removal.  In order to do this, the pistol grip screws need to be removed and the user then gently pulls the grip down on top of the AGL.  The slip fitting is then compressed which allows for it to be removed from the macro line.