Action Army AAP-01  GBB Pistol Tan

Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol Tan

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Previously only known for making quality aftermarket parts, this is Action Army’s first pistol. Heavily based on Ruger’s series of .22 caliber pistols, this stylish handgun is able to take TM and WE G series magazine for greater convenience. On top of that, it can fire in both semi and full auto mode. The barrel is threaded 14mm CCW and can be removed completely to accommodate a silencer, allowing the easy installation of a silencer or tracer unit. Controls are also ambidextrous or reversible, making it friendly for left handed shooters. Finally, the iron sights uses fiber optics for illumination. Overall, a very convenient pistol modeled after a stylish competition handgun.



  • Manufactured by Action Army
  • Green gas or propane powered GBB pistol
  • Metal internals
  • Polymer body
  • Fixed front sight
  • Semi and full-auto
  • Threaded outer barrel 14mm-
  • Blowback
  • Averages 370 FPS on 0.20g BB
  • Includes one magazine of 23 rounds
  • For 6mm Airsoft BB

Gas and adapter sold separately.