Universal Safety Bump Cap Insert, Lightweight, Fits Into Any Baseball Hat, Skullerz 8945

Universal Safety Bump Cap Insert, Lightweight, Fits Into Any Baseball Hat, Skullerz 8945

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  • Flexible horizontal and vertical two-way flex design adds protection from worker-generated impact to any cap
  • Fit to any hat innovative “trim-to-fit” feature adjusts height to fit different cap designs by simply using a pair of scissors
  • Durable lightweight polypropylene construction will not break or crack
  • Head protection closed cell foam padding reduces impact and will not absorb odors
  • Breathable strategically placed vents allow for continuous airflow and breathability

Skullerz Universal Bump Cap Insert is a lightweight, impact-resistant shell that inserts into any baseball cap, hat or other headwear for additional head protection. It helps protect against bumps, scrapes, bruises and other minor head injuries.

Many hats vary in shapes and sizes, but the flexible horizontal and vertical sides of the shell allow it to fit both a variety of hats/caps and head shapes. The trim-to-fit customization makes it easy and convenient to fit into many types of hats, caps and headwear. The insert is made of a lightweight, durable polypropylene and designed with maximum ventilation to provide continuous airflow for breathability but won’t compromise protection. It features a foam pad inside for additional impact protection and comfort against the head.

It’s not bulky like a hard hat and is ideal for mechanics, airline baggage handlers as well as workers in warehouses, factories, in-home services and other industries that do not require safety hard hat protection but work in areas with low beams, pipes, passageways or other low hanging obstructions.