Gorilla Airsoft Speed Trigger Board

Gorilla Airsoft Speed Trigger Board

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Finally after too long time waiting we are releasing our Speed Trigger Board for any v2 gearbox type. Yeah, you know, she’s really badass!

We are still a little reality in the Airsoft world and got a lot of work in the last times, from the increasing order, to giving support at our dear customers. This is the reason why this take all this time: good things need the right time.

The aim of this Trigger Board is obviously to help speedsofter to have a faster and lighter response on trigger: all of us know that on speedsoft any millisecond is precious but it have also a Full Auto switch to be used in traditional Airsoft gameplay.

On the other hand, it complete our lack of support to Wolverine engine. Until now the only way to drive a Inferno or Reaper with Gorilla FCU was a custom cable or to buy some compatible trigger like Polarstar or Blackleaf for poarstar plus the polarstar wire harness and the solenoid cable.

In the kit are included:

  • 1x Gorilla STB
  • 1x Solenoid cable
  • 1x Trigger board to Gorilla FCU cable

!WARNING! Because its speed nature, the trigger board needs a tunable trigger like the Maxx trigger. Any trigger board damage due to bad installation (like for example trigger overtravel) isn’t covered by warranty!