Gorilla Airsoft Gorilla FCU with Bluetooth + Wolverine  GEN 2 Triggerboard

Gorilla Airsoft Gorilla FCU with Bluetooth + Wolverine GEN 2 Triggerboard

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Gorilla Airsoft Gorilla FCU with Bluetooth + Wolverine Inferno and Reaper GEN 2 Triggerboard

The FREE Gorilla FCU app:

Find the free Gorilla FCU app in the Google Play Store, or any other app store under the name airsoft gorilla.

Because of the Gorilla FCU app, you have all the settings right at your fingertips!


  • No modification necessary to install
  • Decide in a second if you want to play in DMR, CQB or any other setting of your liking.
  • Avoid dryfire thanks to the Magazine Counter.
  • Set the selector switch on single and/or full auto mode.
  • Know in advance what your ROF (Rate Of Fire) will be.
  • Block the writing of each parameter thanks to the Tournament Lock to participate in events with the most demanding event organizers.
  • Use the DualTrigger mode, better known as BinaryTrigger to be the faster than your opponent.
  • Play with paintball features like RAMP.
  • Invert Semi and Full Auto selector using “Inverted Fire Mode”.
  • Compatible with the Wolverine Inferno GEN 2 Trigger Board

Product Description:

The Gorilla FCU is a control unit studied for any HPA system that responds to the needs of those who are tired of having to extract the traditional FCUs every time to make very long settings and endless test, but above all to facilitate all those complex settings. It allows you to replace the FCUs of all the most widely used hpa systems on the market, whether they are single solenoids or the more complex double solenoids without removing functions but even adding new ones! You can control the fire mode for SEMI or AUTO mode with every HPA system (Require a compatible trigger board like the Polarstar, Redline or Blackleaf ones). It is also tested to work on rainy days without any problems, avoiding damage. The FCU connector allows you to connect it directly, without any modification, to all Polarstar products as well as to Redline N7 and SR-E. At the end we have a software magazine end stop to avoid dry fire, tournament lock beacuse Gorilla Airsoft DOESN’T SUPPORT CHEATERS, separated and totally customizable dwell values for SEMI and AUTO fire selector position.”

Product Specifications:

Compatibility: Wolverine Inferno GEN 2 Triggerboard

Manufacturer: Gorilla Airsoft

More About Gorilla Airsoft and why we carry Gorilla Airsoft:

“Gorilla Airsoft is a small reality that is slowly making its way into the world of airsoft, dedicating itself entirely to the HPA branch. Born from a personal need, we put body and soul into the project, dedicating all our energies, our immense passion and a lot of sleepless nights to project and improve our products.

High quality standard typical of our products will be the same: those who have bought from us know what we are talking about.
Glad to provide good service, we wish everyone the best."