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GOG eNMEy .68 Cal. Black Red Blue Green

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Designed to deliver top-level performance and durability in an affordable package – the eNMEy® is the perfect paintball marker if you’re just starting out, looking for a durable rental marker, or simply want to get back in touch with the mechanical roots of the game.

The eNMEy® paintball marker is the workhorse you’ve been looking for since finding out about paintball. Designed and built by GOG® Paintball the eNMEy is the marker of choice when durability, weight, paint handling, and cost are your deciding factors. 


True Pneumatic Design – Reduced Wear

The eNMEy® shoots smooth and accurate with low recoil, low maintenance, and zero metallic wearable components. 

The eNMEy® is a spool valve paintball marker, using precisely balanced gas pressures to cycle without any springs or metal wearing components. With only a single moving part, recoil is absolutely minimized and accuracy is enhanced compared to other platforms.

The eNMEy® bolt design also makes the eNMEy® marker is incredibly easy on paintballs, preventing chamber brakes that can ruin your game. 

Regulated Low Pressure – Safe and Easy on Paint

The eNMEy® uses an integrated regulator to stabilize gas pressures, regardless of propellant source. 

Using a regulator to control the input pressure of the eNMEy® enhances accuracy and means each shot will travel approximately the same distance and trajectory – allowing the player to adjust their aim from shot to shot.

The eNMEy® regulator also reduces unsafe fluctuations in velocity that occur in other markers (not equipped with regulators). Fluctuations from temperature changes, air supply pressure and other external factors are kept to a minimum and your fellow players are kept safer. 

CO2 or Compressed Air – Safely handles both

The eNMEy® works with all paintball propellant sources, even CO2. An integrated pressure relief valve protects valve components and reduces pressure spikes associated with liquid CO2.

Players can expect the eNMEy® to provide stable velocity with compressed air or CO2, and will rest easy knowing that the vertical regulator and integrated relief valve will protect the eNMEy’s internals as well as player safety.

GOG eNMEy tooless bolt removal

Composite Construction and Bolt out the Back Design

Each component of the eNMEy® paintball marker is optimized for weight, durability, and cost. 

The eNMEy® surrounds a stabile hard anodized aluminum receiver with a lightweight, durable nylon/fiber composite cover and grip frame similar to those found in modern police/military rated firearms. 

The body & core design of the eNMEy® allows durable polymer materials to be utilized on contact and external wear surfaces, while the hardworking core of the eNMEy® is manufactured from hard-anodized aircraft aluminum.  Optimizing weight, durability, corrosion, wear and tear, and reducing the cost of ownership.

Simple maintenance and standard tools ensure easy maintenance for even the most novice player or amateur technician. The eNMEy® lets the player enjoy more game time and less maintenance time.

GOG® eNMEy® 68 Caliber Core

K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Silly

With only four major components to the eNMEy® bolt system, the ultra-simple and reliable spool valve system only has one component that moves during fire. Lubrication of the core can be completed in less than 3 minutes and requires no tools. 

There are no springs to lose, no hammers to cock-back just disengage the reliable mechanical safety, and you are ready to play. The eNMEy® is as easy to own as it is too to use. Players of all skill levels will appreciate the simple maintenance, and spend more time playing and less time working on your paintball marker.

GOG® eNMEY® Bolt Cores

One Marker – Two Calibers

Players have been asking for a marker that can reliably shoot both .68 and .50 for a long time, now GOG has the solution. The eNMEy® cartridge-style spool valve system allows you to convert from .50 caliber to .68 using no tools and in under 3 minutes. 

This means you can use the eNMEy® for any type of paintball at nearly any field, regardless of caliber.

Since the system was designed from the ground up to be swapped, switching calibers is as simple as swapping the valve system (no tools), installing the .50 caliber breach insert, screw on your .50 caliber barrel, and you are good to go!

Redesigned HD Valve – Tougher Than Ever

The new HD valve is at the heart of the eNMEy® paintball marker. This super tough valve is designed to stand up to a lifetime of paintball matches and just keep ticking. 

The valve itself has one single moving internal part that moves less than 1 mm and the valve body itself is reinforced with oversized hardware and a compression collar. 

The new HD valve for the eNMEy® also allows for incredibly quick semi-automatic cycling with one of the shortest and lightest mechanical trigger pulls on the market.