KWC Desert Eagle - Co2 blowback (SILVER)

KWC Desert Eagle - Co2 blowback (SILVER)

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Product Description:

This is a desert eagle... need we say more? Okay we will, but just a little. A great throw back to counterstrike and the days of dominating noobs with your deagle, own an airsoft version to bring back those feelings! A very large pistol and a very large kick, this version produced by KWC provides us with a light weight metal half slide and super hard kick using co2. You won't be dissapointed, you will just be feared on the airsoft field when you tote around one of these bad ass desert eagles.

Product Specs:

Weight: 1400g

Velocity: 380-400fps /w 0.20g

Construction: Metal Slide, Plastic Frame

Powered by: Co2 12g canisters

Fire modes: Semi, Safe 

Magazine capacity: 22rd