Scorpion EVO 3 ATEK AEG M95 Battleship Grey - Dual Tone

Scorpion EVO 3 ATEK AEG M95 Battleship Grey - Dual Tone

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Length: 425-625mm/16.7 - 24.6inch
Width: 58
Barrel Length: 208mm/8.2inch
Mag. Capacity: 75 Rounds
Battery: 19364
Standard mag: 17844
Hop up type: Adjustable
Velocity: 95ms/312fps
Weight: 2350gr/5.2lb
Energy: 0.90 joule

The Scorpion EVO 3 ATEK rifle is a ‘ready to go’ EVO with the new ATEK kit already fitted to it. Not only does the new ATEK rifle EVO come with the ergonomic handguard, angled foregrip and enhanced magwell, but this new ATEK rifle comes with an extended magazine release lever and a flash suppressor threaded to fit 11 mm pistol accessories as standard.

All of those features alone make the ATEK complete rifle a great purchase for your store but if you add to the above features the addition of the latest ECU unit for improved fire control and the T-Plug battery connectors and it’s an AEG that’s sure to fly off your shelves as the most up to date EVO available.