Dan Wesson 715 Airsoft Gun Revolver 6" Steel Grey

Dan Wesson 715 Airsoft Gun Revolver 6" Steel Grey

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The 715 Series is the latest revolver from Dan Wesson, designed to look and feel like a .357 Magnum. The 715 is an improvement on the original Dan Wesson series Airsoft Revolver, which does not have unique designation. With a metal design the revolver features an adjustable hop up unit, rubber grips and a new layout compared to the old model.



  • 1 x Dan Wesson 715 Series Revolver
  • 6 x Simulation Shells
  • 1 x Revolver Speedloader


Internals – Features and Benefits

  • Built In Hop Up Unit – New to the 715 series is an adjustable hop up unit built into the barrel assembly. Unlike the previous series, users can now tune the hop up to the weight of ammo they choose for optimal performance and increased long range accuracy.
  • Built in CO2-Changing Tool – Unlike the previous series, the 715 does not have a tool-less CO2 screw. Instead, there is an allen key built into the grip.

Externals – Features and Benefits

  • Full Metal Construction – The 715 Series are made of a solid full metal construction for a very solid, realistic feel. Weighting is very similar to a real Dan Wesson 357 Magnum pistol.
  • Rubber Grip – Unlike the previous series, the grip on the 715 is a molded rubber atop a steel frame, instead of a plastic assembly. Personal preference will play a factor, but this material will generally be preferred by most as it has a stickier tactile feel.
  • Built in Tactical Rail (4-inch Only) – The 4 inch model has a section of picatinny rail built into the underside of its barrel for mounting tactical accessories.
  • Simulation Shells – Unlike other airsoft pistols, the revolver series use a simulation shell that resembles a real bullet and loads/unloads from the cylinder just like the real thing. A single airsoft BB is loaded into each bullet, giving it a capacity of six shots before needing to be reloaded.