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Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader - Black

Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader - Black

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The New Empire Z2 Paintball Loader is a new revolutionary loader that isn't just an updated Prophecy version it revolutionize it. Using a new infrared sensors that gives the loader the ability to automatically unjam itself from paintball, this loader will give you consistent feed rates without the worry about skipped shots. Having a low profile and small shape, this reduces the target size a loader will traditionally have but also with it's angled shape give you increase bounce chances without any sharp corners featured on the loader. The integrated one piece feed neck with the drive system of the loader will give the strength that was missing on the previous versions of the loader. Re-assembly of the loader is now easier then ever, sliding them in place with the guide groves will insure your loader is properly put together every time. 3 Ounces lighter will keep you even more mobile so you don't get weighed down by your gun during game days. The loader is now non-adjustable as just slap this loader on your marker and turn it on, the loader will give you the best performance from gun to gun.Pick this up and get the performance you are looking for with numerous of features working quietly to improve your game.


  • New Prophecy Paintball Loader from Empire Paintball
  • Infrared sensor to help clear paintball loader jams automatically
  • Lighter and Smaller body shape
  • Rubber coated buttons to help prevent water/paint fill from shorting out the electronics
  • Built in Rip Drive
  • Push Button Forward and Reverse Buttons
  • Holds approximately 200 paintballs
  • Integrated Feedneck with Drive System for added strength
  • Tool Less Dissassembly
  • Reball Friendly
  • High tournament grade paintball friendly
  • Guide ridges for easy re-assembly
  • 4 AA Battery Powered (Batteris not included)
  • Prophecy lid compatible
  • No Adjustments needed
  • .68 Caliber Loader