HK Army HP8 Regulator Black

HK Army HP8 Regulator Black

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HK Army HP8 Regulator Black

The HK Army Alpha Air Regulator is precision-engineered for peak performance and ease of integration with your air system. Designed to maintain a consistent air flow, this regulator screws onto compressed air bottles effortlessly, ensuring top-notch performance in every match. Its construction from high-grade aircraft aluminum not only promises durability but also features aesthetically pleasing knurled machining on the bonnet for superior grip and style.

Optimized for a default output pressure of 800psi, the regulator adapts seamlessly to your paintball requirements, offering both versatility and accuracy. The bonnet’s grip accent band visually indicates its pressure setting (low or high), enhancing usability and safety during play. With a robust fill capacity up to 4500psi, enjoy extended gameplay without the frequent need to refill.

A detailed full-color gauge on the regulator allows for at-a-glance monitoring of air levels, keeping you in the fight longer. The integration of dual O-rings at the connection point ensures a tight, leak-proof seal with your marker, boosting efficiency and peace of mind. The addition of a fill valve cover further protects against the ingress of dirt and debris, maintaining your air system’s integrity and readiness for action.


  • Reliable performance with constant output air flow
  • Easily screws onto all compressed air bottles made for paintball or airsoft
  • Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability
  • Knurled machined detailing on bonnet for an enhanced look
  • Standard output pressure of 800psi
  • Functional grip accent band that indicates high or low pressure
  • Maximum fill capacity of 4500psi
  • Full-color gauge for monitoring air levels
  • Dual O-rings on top ensure you will not break orings when screwing your air system on your marker
  • Included fill valve cover prevents dirt and debris from building up in the in the fill valve