Ingram M11 CO2 SMG Airsoft Gun

Ingram M11 CO2 SMG Airsoft Gun

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ASG/Cobray has resurrected the M-11 for use as a high capacity BB gun.

Known as one of the world’s fastest shooting machine pistols, the biggest criticism of the real steel M-11 was that it could empty its 32 round magazine in approximately 2 seconds! Thankfully, this BB replica slowed things down to semiautomatic fire. Now you can take your time with its huge 26 round BB magazine. Load your BBs and CO2 into the clip and send them downrange at approximately 394 fps. Each M-11 features fixed sights and a metal folding stock.

This is a gun built for fun! Slap in a magazine and blast away!

Length: 255mm
Barrel Length: 1251mm
Mag. Capacity: 26 Rounds
Velocity: 394 fps
Weight: 531gr