JT Spectra Paintball Mask Thermal - Black

JT Spectra Paintball Mask Thermal - Black

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The JT Spectra Paintball Mask Thermal has protected the eyes of more paintball players than any other paintball mask. The Spectra is the benchmark of comfort and the most comfortable paintball mask in its price range. Contoured molded hydrophyllic face foam is both comfortable and forms an ever-important seal to keep your warm humid breath away from the lens. The non-fogging thermal lenses features a full optically clear 260 degrees of vision, making sure you are aware of your surroundings every second on the field. The non-slip silicone beaded strap adjusts to your size and then stays there, while the detachable visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your lens. This system is the ultimate in classic paintball protection and functionality at an incredible price!


•  Hypoallergenic super-comfortable face foam
•  Woven silicon non-slip strap
•  Dual pane 260° field of vision
•  Removable visor
•  Extended ear protection
•  Removable and upgradable faceplate