JT Spectra Dual-Pane/Thermal Lens - Red Chromatic

JT Spectra Dual-Pane/Thermal Lens - Red Chromatic

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JT Spectra Dual-Pane/Thermal Lens - Red Chromatic

Upgrade your paintball experience with the JT Spectra Dual-Pane/Thermal Lens in Red Chromatic. This high-performance lens is designed for players who demand clarity and fog resistance in their gameplay. The dual-pane construction effectively prevents condensation and fogging, providing a clear view even under intense conditions.

The Red Chromatic finish not only enhances your style on the field but also improves visibility. This specialized tint reduces glare and sharpens contrast, helping you to spot opponents and navigate the playing field more effectively. The vibrant red color also adds a unique aesthetic touch to your paintball mask, setting you apart from the competition.

Built to fit all JT Spectra series masks, this thermal lens offers easy installation and a secure fit, ensuring that it stays in place during dynamic movements and impacts. The durable construction resists scratches and impacts, protecting your eyes from debris and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Whether you're a recreational player or a competitive athlete, the JT Spectra Dual-Pane/Thermal Lens in Red Chromatic is an essential upgrade for anyone looking to enhance their vision and performance on the paintball field. It combines advanced technology, superior protection, and striking aesthetics to deliver the ultimate in paintball eyewear.

All JT Spectra Thermal Lenses are treated with a super scratch resistant silicone hard coat and are built to last.


  • Approved ASTM standard for eye protection
  • Spectra 260° field of vision
  • Fits all JT Spectra Goggle Systems including Proflex, Flex-8 and Proshield
  • Maximum Anti-Fog performance