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KWC CZ75 "Tanfoglio" Gold Custom - Co2 Blowback

KWC CZ75 "Tanfoglio" Gold Custom - Co2 Blowback

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Product Description:

This pistol is very heavy weight for its size, made almost completely out of metal aside from a few small details this is definitely the most dense pistol we have had through our store. The slide has been reduced in size to create a faster and snappier recoil, paired with using co2 12g cartridges, this pistol has an impressively fast action to it. 

The Gold Custom version comes with compensator and rail mount.

Don't forget to pick up extra magazines for this bad boy!


Product Specs:

Weight: Approx 1550g

Velocity: 400fps /w 0.20g

Construction: Full Metal

Powered by: Co2 12g canisters

Fire modes: Semi, Safe 

Magazine capacity: 18rd