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Lonex A1 TITAN Red Infinite Torque-Up & High Speed Motor (Long)

Lonex A1 TITAN Red Infinite Torque-Up & High Speed Motor (Long)

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Lonex makes some of the best motors that will give the most expensive motors on the market a run for their money.

The new Titan motors boasts the same great quality as always but with increased efficiency and lower operating temperatures.

The build materials and quality of these motors is instantly apparent upon visual inspection but the real benefits of the motor lie beneath. These neodymium-powered motors feature several innovative designs which separate it from the rest of the competition.

Armature Design
Lonex features skewed armature laminations to reduce cogging of the motor leading to much smoother and cooler operation over standard straight lamination, especially when using neodymium magnets. The armature is wound using high-temp copper wire rated to 200C and retained with high-temperature epoxy. Lastly each armature rides on 2 high quality ball bearings to reduce friction and increase RPM and is individually balanced by drilling holes into it, versus adding epoxy like most motors. This reduces the weight of the armature leading to faster motor response.

Brush Design
The brush housings are bolted directly to the motor housing for increased electrical contact area. In addition to the standard motor connectors, for those who are running screw-down motor connectors this works well as the brush frame bolt can be used for this purpose. A small nice touch they've added is re-shaped the brush spring to push on the brush straight versus at an angle like most motors. This ensures even brush pressure on the commutator.

Stator Design and Magnets
Lonex has chosen to use high-quality, high-temperature neodymium magnets in all their Red, Blue, and Orange motors' stators. These magnets can retain their strong magnetic properties at extreme temperatures well beyond most other neodymium magnets.

External Design
The shaft guides are aluminum and feature ball-bearings to reduce friction against motor shaft. The endbell is nylon to withstand the high temperature generated from the high rotational speed of the motor. Lastly, the motor pinion gear is made of high density steel to durably withstand the high levels of torque that the pinion gear experiences in high ROF and high torque applications.

The Lonex Red motor combines high torque and high RPM and would pair well with a high power spring (>M150) or in a setup with an M120 and high-speed (13:1 or 10:1) gears for some excellent trigger response. Please ensure that your battery can support the current draw levels. We recommend a 25-30C lipo minimum. Also note that this motor does draw more amps than the Orange motor.

Specs: (as tested by Lonex)
No-load RPM: 39715
No-load current draw: 4.225A
Maximum (stall) torque: 2.03 kg-cm

Maximum efficiency power output: 127W
Maximum efficiency RPM: 30978
Maximum efficiency current draw: 19.087A
Maximum efficiency torque: 0.39 kg-cm
Maximum efficiency: 57%

Maximum power output: 193W
Maximum power RPM: 19143
Maximum power current: 39A
Maximum power torque: 0.91 kg-cm

Caution: Do not use M100 or weaker springs with this motor, as it may cause catastrophic failure of the gearbox due to pre-engagement of the piston.