Multi-Function Tactical Survival Key Chain Fishing Kit - Black

Multi-Function Tactical Survival Key Chain Fishing Kit - Black

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his survival kit comes with several feet of military grade paracord and an integrated fishing essentials kit Whether you're backpacking, hiking, camping, or surviving, this mobile kit contains basic parts for a working fishing line. It's an all-in-one survival tool that fits on your key chain. You'll never be unprepared with this lightweight and easy-to-use accessory.

Fishing Kit Contains:


  • Buoy
  • Cotton swabs
  • Plummets
  • Key ring and blade
  • Fishing line
  • Hooks
  • Fire starter

  • Survival Bracelets enable you to carry several feet of Mil-Spec Paracord that can be used in an emergency for countless survival applications. Parachute cord (also paracord or 550 cord) is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. The braided sheath has a high number of interwoven strands for its size, giving it a relatively smooth texture. Type III (550 Paracord), a type commonly found in use, is nominally rated with a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds, thus the sobriquet "550 cord".




  • 7 Strand, 550 Military grade paracord
  • Can be used in an emergency for countless survival applications
  • Stylish way to always carry paracord and be prepared

    Various applications for paracord:


  • Shelter line
  • Tent String/Shelter Construction
  • Boot laces
  • Belt
  • Arm sling
  • Fishing line
  • Dental floss
  • Snares and traps
  • Rock sling
  • Staff sling
  • Gear repair
  • Decoration
  • Luggage tags
  • Luggage handle
  • Door lock
  • Gun sling
  • Lashing cargo
  • Log pull
  • Pole lashing
  • Knife lanyard
  • Dog collar
  • Dog leash
  • Sewing repairs
  • Hanging Food (for campers)
  • Bow drill string
  • Fishing nets
  • Tourniquet