Speed Airsoft HPA Air Regulator Kit (SA5001) - PRO Edition

Speed Airsoft HPA Air Regulator Kit (SA5001) - PRO Edition

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The SPEED Airsoft Air Regulator is a true regulator developed specifically for airsoft use that incorporates many performance features.

The SPEED Airsoft Air Regulator is designed with the ability for airsoft fields to lock out access to the velocity adjuster with the use of a tie wrap, and will work with any 3000 or 4500 psi paintball tank.

- Small compact form factor
- Four 1/8 NPT output ports for custom configurations
- Use with wide range of paintball tanks
- Stable regulation to supply consistent air flow
- Tournament lock built-in
- Self-sealing fitting on the regulator body
- Flexible high flow 43 air hose
- Direct reading pressure gauge
- International labeled regulator on/off
- On-board over pressure relief valve
- CNC machined from USA grade billet aluminum
- Detail installation and set up instructions included
- Newly revised unit features better sealing and shrouded gauge
- Made in Canada


- Regulator dimensions: 1.9 (L) x 0.96 (W) x 2.25 (H)
- Output pressure 0 to 140 psi
- Accepts input pressure 300 to 800 psi
- Output ports are 1/8 NPT threaded
- Short throw on/off control

*hose not included