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Umarex HK P8A1 GBB Pistol

Umarex HK P8A1 GBB Pistol

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One of the more famed handgun from reknown firearm maker H&K, the USP (Universal Service Pistol) has been adopted as the service pistol of the German army, along with a multitude of other armies, law enforcement agencies, etc. An icon from the 90s, its airsoft version replicates all the details and particularly the trademarks with high fidelity, this product being fully licensed by Umarex. Aluminum alloy slide and polymer frame keeps the weight low, while the external hop up adjustment makes life easier for the user.



  • Manufactured by VFC
  • Fully licensed by Umarex
  • Green gas or propane powered GBB pistol
  • Aluminum alloy slide, polymer frame
  • 100mm barrel length
  • Weighs 810g
  • 193mm overall length
  • Includes one low capacity magazine of 23 rounds
  • For 6mm Airsoft BB only